Bill Phillips, Love's Dead End Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Bill Phillips, Love's Dead End Tabs, Chords

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Bill Phillips - Love's Dead End (Chords)

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Love's Dead End
Bill Phillips
Banjo tuned E, Capo 3 Key D

  D              G        D              G
I walked into this lonely town...met an old
friend of mine
                 G                       A
I told him I came here to try and get you off
  my mind
      G                             E7         
If you don't change the way you do soon you'll
   A          D
 run out of friends
                G               D        
Then you'll be lonely just like me down at
  A         D
love's dead end

I asked the man who seemed to know his way around the town
If he knew where I could go to let my mem'ries drown
He said "I know of just the place I'll take you there my friend
It's down along the waterfront they call it Love's Dead End
     G                             A
We'll walk down Heartbreak Avenue pass the
 point of no return
             E7                      A
The farther down the street you go the more
 your heart will yearn
           D              G            D    
Go past the place where lights are low they
       A        D
 call Regretful Inn
                                G            D     A   D
Fifty teardrops to the right and you're at Love's Dead End..."

( piano )
We walk down Heartbreak Avenue...

Phillips Bill Tabs & Chords

Phillips Bill Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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