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Pinmonkey, Nothing But Livin' Tabs, Chords

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Pinmonkey - Nothing But Livin' (Chords)

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Nothing But Livin' 
Written by Michael Reynolds 

Capo 4
(G) Young man, young man
You donít (C) know who I (G) am
But (C) I use to (D) be just like (G) you
(G) Well Iíd dance and Iíd sing
I was the (C) prettiest (G) thing
With (C) nothing but (D) liviní to (G) do

Around and around 
through every juke joint in town
The high life was all that I knew
But I thought life was fine
I had my friends, my dope, my wine
And nothing but liviní to do

Now (C) everywhere Iíd go
(G) Iíd walk high and proud
Any thing on my mind
Well I (C) spoke it right out (D) loud
I was (G) king of the world
Oh but (C) still just a (G) fool
With (C) nothing but (D) liviní to (G) do

Young man, young man
Donít you be like I am
Those good times are faded like my youth
Now my friends are all gone
And I just hang around alone
With nothing but liviní to do
I got nothing but liviní to do


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Pinmonkey Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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