Poco, While Youre On Your Way Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Poco, While Youre On Your Way Tabs, Chords

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Poco - While Youre On Your Way (Chords)

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Poco          While You're On Your Way      written by Tim Hardin

Rusty Young       guitar/harmony
Pail Cotton       lead vocals/guitar/
Charlie Harrison  bass
Steve Chapman     drums
Kim Bullard       keyboards


Making love has been as much as I could hope it would be
And every night has been like one night to me
C          D
You got me feeling again 
C                D
The feeling  you gave me before
D                D/C#        Bm             
But to you those nights like any other night
D           A        
Tonight is just one more
Don't try to tell me that you care enough to love me
When you can't even do the things I need you to do
C             D       C                    D 
Don't make me listen  words you think will please me
D             D/C#          Bm       D  A
When pleasing me don't mean anything to you
C                            D
Just one more night makes no difference as long
D               D/C#          Bm
There's another night to make right
D            A
When you did wrong
The last days we had with one another will have to do
While your on your way

From Poco "Cowboys And Englishmen"
MCA Records 1982

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Poco Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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