Phil Pritchett, God Save The King Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Phil Pritchett, God Save The King Tabs, Chords

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Phil Pritchett - God Save The King (Chords)

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God Save The King
Phil Pritchett

Beginning (play twice): 	 G-F-C

G 	  	  	  	  	 D
Another night in another town in another smoky place
D 	  	 Am 	  	  	  	 C 	 
Me and the Full Band were sitting backstage looking at the 
 	 G 	  	  	  	  	 D
Of the lead singer of the opening act who had just left the stage
 	 Am 	  	  	 C 	  	   D
I saw youthful greatness in his eyes despite his age
And he said,

Take a picture why donít yaí, many others have done the same
Cause I was once called Elvis Presley, but now Jackson is my name
We sat there in silence as reality set in
And I had so many things to ask him and didnít know where to begin

God save the king
Em 	       G 	  	         D
He said its not as easy as it looks
C 	  	 G
To live as royalty
God save the king
Em 	  	 G 	 D
He said I never died I was just tired
C 	  	 G
Of living in Tennessee

(Go into beginning)

His voice was undeniably of the man that he claimed to be
He wore a Poor Davidís Pub t-shirt and a faded pair of jeans
The smell of a bar at midnight, man this is what itís all about
You know I tried to get back for years, but the Colonel sold me out


(Thereís a little bridge thatís just G and C back and forth about three times)


(Go into beginning)

Think I got it. If not send the right ones. Guarantee you this is the only tab 
for this song so far on the internet.


Pritchett Phil Tabs & Chords

Pritchett Phil Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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