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Phil Pritchett, Time Equals Distance Chords

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Phil Pritchett - Time Equals Distance (Chords)

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                Time Equals Distance 
By Phil Pritchett
rmofle at

Hope this is close enough for you...

D        A       E            A
Hometown friends mean alot to me
        D          A               E F#
But the longer I'm here it seems the less of them I see
        D         A                E           A
And the further I get it seems the longer I'm away
   D         A      E             A
I guess time equals distance that way

D        A              E              A
I saw an friend of mine just the other day
      D                  A             E                F#
He complained about some college loans he's still gotta pay
       D            A                   E                A
And we talked about high school and the days that went before
       D                    A                   E       F#
But he said he didn't think they made days like that anymore


I saw an old girlfriend that I used to date
She got married back in April, she said she couldn't wait
Because she had a new born baby six months after that date
She said a debts a life you just a debt gotta pay.....yeah



        C                  G              C                 G
We'll I like to think we'd all would stay friends along the way
        C                G            D                    E
Well, I know we probably won't, but I guess that’s just as well
        C                 G                C              G
And I'd like to think the paths of you and I would cross again
      C                 G              C              D 
But I know the paths of you and me are perfectly parallel....yeah


I had a girl plain right from here, 
Yeah, I knew that we had something but knew it wasn't near
I'm with her now and forever I will stay cause I know 
Time equals distance that way....yeah



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