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, Ranger's Command Tabs, Chords

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- Ranger's Command (Chords)

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Ramblin' Jack Elliott
The Best of The Vanguard Years-Also The Long Ride year?
Banjo Tuned E Capo 4, Key G

        G            C                     G
Come all of you cowboys---- all over this land
                         D7               G
I'll sing you--- the law of the Ranger's command.

                  C                  G
To hold a--- six-shooter and never to run
                        D7                 G
As long as---there's bullets in both of your guns.

I met a--- fair maiden whose name I don't know
I asked her--- to the round-up--- with me would she go.

She said she'd--- go with me to the cold round-up
And drink that--- hard liquor from a cold bitter cup.

We started--- for the round-up--- in the fall of the year
Expecting--- to get there, with a herd of fat steer.

When the rustlers--- broke on us, in the dead hour of night
She rose from--- her warm bed, a battle to fight.
She rose from--- her warm bed with a gun in each hand
Saying, "Come all--- you cowboys, and fight for your land."
    G                 C                   G
Come all--- of you cowboys, and don't ever run
                       D7                   G
As long as--- there's bullets in both of your guns.

Ramblin Jack Elliott Tabs & Chords

Ramblin Jack Elliott Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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Ramblin Jack Elliott
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