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Rankin Family, Endless Seasons Chords

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Rankin Family - Endless Seasons (Chords)

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#Submitted by John Crawford : CRAWFORD_JOHN_WE@MSN.COM
#   ~ means a held chord
Endless Seasons ; The Rankin Family ; written by Jimmy Rankin
CD, Endless Seasons, EMI

	   A			D
The winter months left us the snowfall
	E			  A 	D
a black spring  brought forth the rain
	   A			D
the summer days were long and dusty
	E		  A
by the fall your mind was made

D	E	     A    
and I recall we were lovers
D		E		A
they'll always be the good old days
D		E		  A
the world back then was something simple
D		Bm		E	A~
we laughed and danced and found embrace

E~	   A			D    
but people change like seasons do
		E		A    D
this life we   live is an open door
		A		D
that was the 	fate of me and you
		E			  A
may you 	find what you're  looking for
D	E			A
I never meant to hold you 	down
D	  E			A	
I've only found the words to 	say
D		E		  A
it's plain to   see that you were restless
D	   Bm			E	A~
I'm glad I stepped out of the 	way

E~	   A			D	    
I'll never know these endless season
	E		  A    D
I only see the way things are
	A	  D
we can only go on living
	E			    A     D
all the answers are written in the stars

	A	  D    
we can only go on loving
	E			   A     D
all the answers lie written in the stars
	   A			D
I'll never know these endless season
	 E			   A
all the answers lie written in the stars

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