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- Windy Mountain (Chords)

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Windy Mountain
Retrograss(David Grisman John Hartford Mike Seeger)
Banjo tuned E, capo 3, key of C

            C                    F          C
    Oh, how I'd like to be upon a windy mountain
    Where the treetops drape the sky
         C                    F                 C
    Then I would forget all my worries and my trouble
                              G7     C
    I'll just let the wind blow them by

Oh how I love the sound of the wind when it's howling
Oh it blows my blues away
It makes me forget the girl that I'm loving
Lets me forget until another day

* Refrain

Let me hear the leaves on the trees when they're singing
Just a moment of relief is all care
For I've got no sorrow, heartaches, or sadness
As long as I can see the trees this way

 * Refrain

Oh, my friends bury me way upon the mountain
Where that old wind will always blow
For I want to rest alone on the mountain
With the howling wind that I love so

Tell my old lover in case you should see her
Just how much I love she'll never know
And that I've gone to rest away upon the mountain
Where the howling wind will always blow

 * Refrain


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Retrograss Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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