John Rich, I Pray For You Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

John Rich, I Pray For You Tabs, Chords

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John Rich - I Pray For You (Chords)

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Well here is another Ryan Kingston pick. For all of you that wrote me
 my Clay Davidson submission thanks. Here is another hot one. He was the
 player for Lonestar(before amazed) now the hugely talented guy is out
 Was recently voted by people magizine as one of the top 100 most eligeble
 bachelors. Watch for this guy!!! Feel free to email me. I will soon have a
 site with some of my original songs that you can download.

                              John Rich "I pray for you"
 Intro E A B , E A B
 Verse 1
 E        A                                     B
  Sometimes  when I sleep I can see you walking back to me
 E       A                     B
 sometimes I wake up cause I swear I felt your touch
                 A            B
 Then emotions overcome me and the darkness is so cold

            A     E
 Oh I light a candle Watch it burn I feel the angels come and fill this
               A                                                          B
 when your gone I miss you so much I do the only thing I can do
 I pray for you
  E A B
 Verse 2
 E      A                       B
 Every minute of the day I can clearly see your face
 E     A         B
 every minute were a part oh you know it just breaks my heart
  A      B
 Im so lonely but im ok Cause I know we'll be together again



    A        E     A    B
 I Pray for you, I pray for you Oh I PRAY FOR YOU
     E                                                        A
 Please hold her, and protect her till shes back here in my arms again
    E      A    B          E A B (repeat&fade)
 Oh and tell her, how I love her, and Ill be waiting right here forever

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Rich John Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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