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Rich O'Toole, Pancho Villa Chords

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Rich O'Toole - Pancho Villa (Chords)

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                Rich O'Toole
"Pancho Villa" 

*I think someone tabbed this a while back, so I am just re-submitting it.  Any problems let me know!

Am         C         F            G
meet me in juarez is what he told the gringos
Am        C            F               G 
for i can give you the key to a little more
Am         C             F                         G 
i know its hot out there the devil himself couldnt make it
Am         C            F             G
but if you ride with us we'll pay for sure


Am     C                     F        G
pancho villa is lookin for a few good gringos
Am        C        F             G
so he can win this revolutionary war
Am     C                     F        G  
pancho villa is lookin for a few good gringos
Am     C           F         G
so his life can be free once more

dont get scared kid i know that you can make it 
cuz we got whiskey and i think you will be alright
dont you ever think you will be forsaken
cuz the mexican army is gunna ride tonight


instrumental break


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