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- Say Goodbye (Chords)

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Intro.:  |6/8(Bm) |(C)(G)|(G) |(D) | x 2

(Bm) In love, (C) given (G)up, tryin' everything but it (D)wasn't enough
(Bm) Better off, (C) on my (G)own, chasin' somethin' that's (D)already gone

(Em) Go on and (D)say, (Em) go on and (C)say goodbye
(Em) We gave it a (D)shot, we gave it a (C)try

(Bm) I'm on my (C)knees, (G) beggin' (D)baby, please
(Bm) We're (C) (G)breakin' at the seams (D)

(Em) Go on and (D)say, (Em) go on and (C)say goodbye
(Em) We gave it a (D)shot, we gave it a (C)try

(Em) Go on and (D)say, (Em) go on and (C)say goodbye
(Em) I'm tired of (D)livin', this (C)life, oh say goodbye

Solo:  |(C) |(D) |(C) |(D) |

(C)Love ends, (D)nobody wins, (C)love ends, (D)nobody wins
(C)Light that fuse, (D)step back, let it all be-(Em)gin |(D)(D/F#)|(D/A)(D7/C)|

(G) Go on and (D)say, (Em) go on and (C)say goodbye
(Em) We gave it a (D)shot, we gave it a (C)try

(Em) Go on, (D)out that door, (Em) I don't wanna (C)see you no more
(Em) And I'm tired of (D)livin', this |(C)life, |(C) say good-|(C)bye |(C) |(Em) ----

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