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Roger Alan Wade, Sioux Named Boy Chords

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Roger Alan Wade - Sioux Named Boy (Chords)

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                Sioux Named Boy
(Based on lyrics by S. Silversteen)



E                                            A 
Well my daddy left home when I was 33 and he didn't eat as much as momma and me
               B7                                   E
And he was the only Indian on the reservation named Roy
He'd watch them Tarzan video tapes and sit there and get as drunk as an ape
      B7                                E
And before he left he went and named me Boy

Then momma said he said I wasn't his, and what he said I was I can't say I guess
But I reckon I ain't no Iroquois
All know is before they got a divorce he said something about Crazy Horse
And life ain't easy for a Sioux named boy

Well I thought I was an unfortunate lad then I grew up and I saw they had
A room named after where people peed
And all them people they came and went and me I never made a cent
And so I got to lookin' for what was comin' to me

And it was Bakersfield in mid-October and it'd been a while since I'd been sober
And I hit the Palace in my blue courderoys
And out there dancin' in his cowboy boots, just dancin' like a cheeta to the Buckaroos
Was that egg-suckin Sioux that named me boy

Well I went up and grabbed him by the collar and he said Boy give me a dollar
And why don't you get me and Jane a beer
Well about that time old Jane passed out and dad went staggerin' thru the crowd
And I caught up with him and he said let's get out of here

Well we wound up splittin' a patty melt and I told him just the way I felt
And he just looked at me and took another bite
I said what's wrong, he said I'm full, I said why didn't you name me Sittin' Bull
And he said boy give me a light

E                                 A
He said Boy there ain't no doubt, after the way you turned out
If I ever have another son...I'll name him Sweet Potato, Two Nuts, anything but boy

We gotta work it out...
That one sucked... 

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Roger Alan Wade
Buy Roger Alan Wade CD

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