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- Home To Texas (Chords)

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Hopefully this will be his next single. If you haven't heard him, check out his 
first single "How Long".

Ryan James - Home to Texas

Album - Back to the Wind

You can also listen to sound clips and purchase his CD digitally

Each verse, on the C9 chord...you walk down the A string from the 3rd fret to 
the 2nd before going to the G chord. Sort of like a G/B

Intro: Em7 D G C (x2)

Verse 1:       
C9                          G
The sun's setting on this sleepy town
C9                           G
We're a thousand miles from home
C9                 G
I can't take it anymore baby
Let's hit the road
C9               G
If we drive all night
C9                   G
And point this pony west
C9                 G
We'll be there by morning
In the place that loves us best

Chorus 1:
                G               D
We're going to Dallas, down to Houston
         G                 C9
Over to San Antone, up to Austin baby
G                     D
Let's get drunk in a border town
G              G/B   C9
Float the Guadalupe all the way down
G                                     D
I wanna lay underneath the cornbread moon
Em7          D                 Em7 D G C (like intro)
Oh Texas, I wanna get lost in you

Verse 2:

Put your hand outside the window
Feel the wind blow through your hair
Turn the radio up
We're almost there
We're gonna roll across the prairie
Hide down in the hills
Make love on the Llano river bank
Till we get our fill...we never will

(Repeat Chorus 1)

Instrumental Chords: C9 D C9 D 

Chorus 2:

Up to the High Plains, down to Padre
We'll dance in ever honky tonk along the highway
Let's get drunk in a border town
Or float the Guadalupe all the way down
Lay underneath the cornbread moon
Em7        D            C9
Oh Texas, sweet Mother Texas
Em7          D                Em7 D G C9 (like intro)
Oh Texas, I wanna get lost in you

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