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- Back In Your Arms (Chords)

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Back in Your Arms
By Ryan Turner

F#dim  XX0222  can substitute an A for it in most places

Capo 2

D  F#dim  G  A  twice

D            F#dim                   G         A
Oh baby it's been so long since I've seen you
    D             F#dim            G     A
And I know you're lonely where you are  
D             D7      G              Gm
Oh but baby I love you and I'm gonna show you
     D     Em7          G      A
When I get back in your arms

Well I know you hate this road when it calls me
Yes I know it takes a toll on the heart
Ph but I find my strength in you and I can't wait 
'Til I get back in your arms, so darlin'

     D     F#dim        G     A
When I get back in your arms
          D                  F#dim          G     A
I'm gonna treat you like the queen that you are
       D         F#dim             Bm
'Cause I've been gone too long too far
                    D       G
And I'm seeing just you and me
               D           G
Sitting on the front porch swing
          D     A                  G
Baby when I get right back in your arms

Every evening I've been dreaming all about you
And I wish the same wish on every star
I say Lord, please bring me home and help me now to carry on
'Til I get back in your arms


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