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- The Only Road (Chords)

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Roadside Graves - Far And Wide

Capo 2

G                      C        G
Take the dirt from the high oak tree
    Em                         D            G
The eyes of the branch and the tears of the leaf
G                             C         G
Build you a path to where the sun don't shine
 Em              D       G
farther from the far and wide

Across the wast beneath the sky
Lay me down in the far and wide
Know that I'll be satisfied
Farther out and far and wide

Give me a girl with strong knees
Tie me with rope to the trunk of the tree
Mountians will moan and stones will slide
Farther from the far and wide


Tracks from the train run north and south
Cut through the hay to my parents house
Sister she cried for the very last time
I swear I'll take her far and wide


Apples don't fall and snakes inside
Kiss the rail and catch your eye
He'll get his before he dies
Drag you down to the far and wide


Please oh please let my soul be free
And spread my ashes across the sea
Take your name off of my name
So you can marry again


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