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Dan Seals, You Still Move Me Chords

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Dan Seals - You Still Move Me (Chords)

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You Still Move Me
Written by:  Dan Seals
Recorded by:  Dan Seals
Transcribed for cowpie by:  Keith Reding

A        G#m    F#m          E
I often wonder, what would I do
A     B                   E
If I found you alone like this.
A       G#m       F#m           E
Would I remember, what I got at home
A                          B
Or forget it all with your kiss
A               G#m    F#m              E
'Cause when you left me, I was hurtin' so......
A             B          E
You picked me up off the ground
A    G#m        F#m          E
I do love her, I want you to know
A                            B
that I never want to let her down
but you still move me
      A                    E
but I never would let her know
          A               E                  B
there's a place inside of me that just want let her go
      C#M             B
Every time I hold her in my arms 
    A             E
and look into her eyes
F#m           A             B
I wonder this time, does it show
that you still move me

Verse 2

I guess I better leave now
before it's too late
before these feelings go too far
but I had to see you
just one more time
it's been tearing me apart

Repeat Chorus

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