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- Cowtippin' (Chords)

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Recorded by Sean Patrick McGraw

Intro.:  | (D) (G) | (D) (A) | (D) (G) | (D) (A) (D) |  x 2

Well, me and (D)Randy went and gas'd up (G)my old truck
Now we're (D)askin' ourselves just (A) what the hell we was (D)thinkin'
When we made (G)up our minds the (D)good times was in (A)town

Put on a (D)clean pair of boots and our (G)Sunday Britches,
Went (D)down to the city and (A)met some girls
Not (D)girls like the kind we (G)loved back home
No, (D)these girls (A) shot us (D)down

Well, it's a (Em)case of what to do and we can't a-(G)gree
Well randy, (Em)I don't know about you but as for (A)me

(Chorus 1)
It's a (D)cow tippin', (G)s**t kickin',
(D)Guitar pickin', (A)front porch sittin',
(D)Moonshine sippin', (G)mamma's fried chicken,
(D)Country (A)summer kinda (D)night --

Inst.:  -- (G) | (D) (A) (D) --

So we (D)stopped for beer and (G) bag of feed
On the (D)bad side of town, I won't (A)say why but that's
(D) What ya do when your (G)countys dry
And its a (D)long long ride back (A)home
Well, Randy (D)rekon ordered I (G)commandeered
We put the (D)F-150 into (A)overdrive
Drove a (D)hundred miles an hour made, (G)back alive
Sure e-(D)nough at the (A)stop-n-(D)go

There stood (Em)Mary Lou Baker and her sister Wendy Sue (G)
And they said, (Em)"Hey there, boys, what you all up (A)to?"
'Cause we was thinkin' that we might do

(Chorus 2)
Some (D)cow tippin', (G) skinny dippin'
(D) She say (A)skinny dippin'
I (D)thought I heard the (G)crickets crickin
On a (D)country (A)summer kinda (D)night --

Inst.:  -- (G) | (D) (A) | (D) (G) | (D) (A) (D) --

You could (Bm)say we didn't spend the night a-(E)lone
And the (G)moral of this story is there (A)ain't no place like home

(Chorus 1)
It's a (D)cow tippin', (G)s**t kickin',
(D)Guitar pickin', (A)front porch sittin',
(D)Moonshine sippin', (G)mamma's fried chicken,
(D)Country (A)summer kinda (D)night

It's a (D)Hank, Waylon, (G)hay-bailin'
(D)Smooth sailin', (A)pits-in failin'
(D)Six pack in a paiin', (G)rockin the trailer
On a (D)country (A)summer kinda (D)night

It's a (D)country (A)summer kinda (D)night
It's a (D)country (A)summer kinda (D)night --
-- (G) | (D) (A) Woo | (D) (G) | (D) (A) (D) -----

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