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Dean Seltzer, Lovin' You Chords

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Dean Seltzer - Lovin' You (Chords)

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                Capo 1

            C                                                      F
She had the greatest body I had ever seen and the personality of a brick
C                                                                  G
Lookin so fine thinkin’ your all that, too bad your damn head's so thick
C                                                           F
We’re broke up, it’s best that way and I guess it’s time to go
  C                                          G      F          C
Before you leave there’s just one thing that darlin you should know

  F                   C                                                 G 
I hate your guts, you sl*t, w***e, b***h and I’ve seen better head on a beer
   C                                                         G        
So take your head out of your ass and get your ass on out of here
F                        C                    F                 C
No offense darlin’ don’t take this wrong, but damn you ain’t no fun 
    C                G                  F    G       C
And lovin you is the dumbest thing I’ve ever f**kin’ done

I tried to show you that I loved you, why’d you have to be so mean
I guess there’s something to that rumor ‘bout you and the football team
We’re broke up, now it’s best that way and I guess it’s time to go
Before you leave there’s just one thing that darlin’ you should know


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