Dolly Shine, Spinning My Wheels Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Dolly Shine, Spinning My Wheels Tabs, Chords

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Dolly Shine - Spinning My Wheels (Chords)

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Intro: D  A  Em  G  D  A  G

D                             A
I shouldnít think about you, donít wanna talk about it
Em                                G
Feel like Iíve made a big mistake.
D                            A
I shouldíve opened my eyes, been smart enough to realize,
You couldnít give your heart away.
Em7                         G
When I feel, just like a fool.
Em7                           G
Running in circles, chasing you.

                       D                             A
Iíve been spinniní my wheels, Iíve been wastiní my time.
                      Em                             G
Tried everything I know, just to get you off my mind.
                       D                       A
Iíve tried slamminí doors, and talkiní to myself.
                             Em                          G
Itís like Iím throwiní quarters down an empty wishiní well.
Em7                                  G                 Em7
Iíve been looking for the place to hide, this broken heart from your troubled 
eyes, they cut me down to size.

D  A  Em  G
D  A  G

D                     A                       Em                           G 
If I told you that, you never cross my mind, donít you know that Iíd be lyiní.
D                                    A                   G
Oh this gettiní over you, ainít an easy thing to do, but Lord knows that Iíve been tryiní.
Em7                         G  
When I feel, just like a fool. 
Em7                           G
Runniní in circles, chasing you.

Em7                          G  D                A
Itís like lightiní in my veins, every time we touch.
Em7                           G     D                     A  
It canít be good for you they say, if you want it that much.

(chorus 2x)

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  1. Shine Dolly - Spinning My Wheels Chords
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