, Crazy Willy Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

, Crazy Willy Tabs, Chords

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- Crazy Willy (Chords)

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Intro E D C E  

song is played fast hitting bass notes before the chords

Let me tell you bout an old black man 
that no body really knows
THey call him Crazy Willy 
But why I just dont know

(continue some chords the whole song)

He got a pretty good bycycle 
 I've never seen him ride
But any where that old man goes
His bike is by his side

And i've seen eat a box a chicken
on the side of the road
they call him crazy willy
but why i just dont know

(solo same chords)

Well i seem fight some street signs and 
he dont fight fare
he'll sneak up from behind 
with his fist up in the air

And anywhere he lays his head
thats where he calls his home
they call him crazy Willy
but why i just dont know  


Well i heard that he went to war
and thats where he lost his mind
And i heard he knows Karatae too
and he practices all the time

But i also heard he likes L.S.D.
And that he loves the BLOW
they call hime crazy Willy
BUt why I jsut dont know


SO if your ever in my home town
and see an old man pushin a bike
MY advice is to just stear clear
Cause he's lookin for a fight

I'm talkin bout the old black man
with no shoe's to cover his toes
they call him crazy willy
But why i just dont know
YEah they call hime crazy wille
BUt why i just dont know     

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