Red Simpson, Truckin Trees for Christmas Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Red Simpson, Truckin Trees for Christmas Tabs, Chords

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Red Simpson - Truckin Trees for Christmas (Chords)

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                                              G        C                  G        Em     
Well Iím truckin trees for Christmas from 

this old mountain top 

C                              G             
Iím trucking them down to the middle of 

         A7                 D
town  to that big Christmas lot
                                              D     C                    G                
Yeah I'm trucking trees for Christmas 

         Em                C
singing jiggle bells on my way

                         G        Am
Iím trucking trees for Christmas  for 

 D         G 
Christmas day ]

 G           C                G              
Well youíll find me trucking  Christmas 

          Em    C     G
trees  to town every year  and I feel like 

santaís helper  
Em          C            G
spreading a little good cheer  cause the 

kiddies have been waiting for this season 

C         C
all year long 
     C                        Em  
For Christmas trees and old Saint Nick  to 

C                  G
brighten up their home. 

[Chorus]                                                                                  G                  C      G               
I got a string of pretty Christmas lights  a 

Em       C                  G
hanging from the cab of my truck 
And a little tree on my dashboard  that Iíve 

C          G
decorated up 
Well people may think Iím crazy  by these 

Em     C       G
silly things I do  but I donít care  cause I 

           C                    G
think the trucks like Christmas too 


G        C                   G         Am
Yeah Iím trucking trees for Christmas for 

D         G
Christmas day 

[Thanks to Richard Mendonca for tabs]

Simpson Red Tabs & Chords

Simpson Red Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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