Chris Smither, I Feel The Same Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Chris Smither, I Feel The Same Tabs, Chords

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Chris Smither - I Feel The Same (Chords)

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(E) (Em) (A) (A7) (E) (Em) (A) (A7) 

(Em)Say goodbye(A), (Em)I know it's true(A).
(Em)I know your're (A)leavin' me -- (Em)but I'm leaving (A)too.
(A7)You won't forget me or the sound of my (E)name...(Em)(A)
(A)Please (A7)believe -- I feel the same.(E)(Em)(A)

(Em)Seems so empty (A)now, (Em)you've closed the (A)door.
(Em)Ain't it hard to (A)believe that you ever (Em)lived this way (A)before?
(A)All that nothin'(A7) -- causing all of that (E)pain?(Em)(A)
(A)Please believe(A7) -- I feel the (E)same.(Em)(A)

(Em)Broken (A)soul, well I know (Em)a heart that's (A)breaking...
(Em)You can't make it (A)whole 'til (Em)you know what's been (A)taken.
(A)All those pieces(A7) -- find them all on your (E)(Em)(A)own.

(Em)So say (A)goodbye, (Em)I know it's (A)true.
(Em)I know you're (A)leaving me, baby, but (Em)I'm leaving (A)too.
(A)You won't (A7)forget me -- or the sound of my (E)name.(Em)(A)
(A)Please believe(A7) -- I feel the same.(E)(Em)(A)

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Smither Chris Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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