, Hand of Fate Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

, Hand of Fate Tabs, Chords

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- Hand of Fate (Chords)

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Intro.  A F#m E D
     (A)She was a waitress down in New Orleans
     (E)She had a broken (D)past
     (A)He worked the oil rigs over in Corpus
     (E)Out on a weekend (D)pass
     (D)He sat down at the (A)end of the counter
     at the little (E) café
     (D)They weren't looking but they found each other
                 E              D      C#  B    
     Or did love find them either way
              A F#m E                      D
     Tell me who is dealin' up the hand of fate
              A F#m E                      D
     Is it true, love is always worth the wait
     (D)And it's never too late, it's never too late
     Same as intro. A F#m E D
     (A)She lived her whole life in Sault (pronounced Sue?) Saint Marie
     (E)Working at the five and (D) dime
     (A)He was a drifter headin' out of Toronto
     (E)Just killing (D)time
     (D)Their eyes met and (A)they fell together and
     In just one(E) night
     (D)Two people who swore they'd never
                E              D      C#  B    
     Fell in love in those harbor lights
     (E)You may call it destiny but there's a (D) rhyme 
     and a reason we can't see
     (F#m)When you're down and lonely and about to give up
     (D)Have a little faith and believe in (E) love
     same as intro.  AF#m E D
     (Chorus)X2 fade out 

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