Chris Stapleton, Fool Me Again Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Chris Stapleton, Fool Me Again Tabs, Chords

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Chris Stapleton - Fool Me Again (Chords)

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Into:  D   Bm   E7   A.           D   G   D  A

D                       D7                G.                               D
Baby, I've been thinkin'         Lord knows I've been drinkin

D.                                  Bm7.                E7.              A
That's why I went and called you   On the telephone

D.                              D7.                            G.                        E7
This bottle's got me wonderin. If you could use a long lost friend

D.     Bm.    E.              A.                        D. G.  D     (Just Notes E F)  
Please, baby please.   Fool me again

F#.                                                B7.    
I love you and I need you let me hold you one last time

E7.                                     A
Then I can make-believe honey, that you're still mine

D.                     D7.                       G.                                     E7
Woman, oh woman pretend you love me like you did back then

 D.     Bm.    E.              A.                        D. G.  D    A
Please, baby please.   Fool me again

Verse 2

Baby I've been cryin cause lord knows I feel like dyin 

Ever since you went and walked out of my life, girl that wasn't nice

So I've been here in this bar room drowning memories from way back when 

So tonight, oh just tonight  fool me again
Solo and chorus

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Stapleton Chris Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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