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- Almost Doesn't Count (Chords)

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Almost Doesnít Count
By The Star Room Boys
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       C               D                G
Well I almost bummed a ride from Kansas City
         C                                  G         D 
Wouldíve had me home 2 months ago, time for easter anyway
        C          D                  G         Em
It took 16 days to thumb back east to Nashville
       C                                 D       C      G 
I just got outside of our town with that trucker yesterday
      C                 D                     G 
And I guess I hoped she might still be here a-waitiní
           C                        G             D
And I know you and all the boys got money in your hands
        C           D                  G       Em
And Iím sorry and I thought that I was stayiní
      C                              D         C    G 
But I know sheís got her reasons but she donít understand

   C                D               G
So tell the cops to head on back to town
         C               D            G
And make all them pretty women settle down 
           C                  D                  G          G/F#   Em 
And if our shoulder drinkiní, backwards thinkiní donít just cut it here
      C                             D
Buddy when you wonít meet me on St. Patricks Day next year
        C                     G
Iíll be 1500 miles before Iím gone
         C                              G 
And Iíll still be wishiní Iíd be stayin on
      C                  D            G       G/F#    Em
But I called her up just like I did a hundred times before
        C              D       C        G
And she told me almost doesnít count no more


Even though she told me almost doesnít count no more

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