Gary Stewart, Flat Natural Born Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Gary Stewart, Flat Natural Born Tabs, Chords

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Gary Stewart - Flat Natural Born (Chords)

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Flat Natural Born Good Timin Man
by Gary Stewart
Transcribed by: Jody Purswell

Steppin' out steppin' high
Step on back check my stride
E                                    B
I'm ready for anything come Saturday night
B                A                           E
Got my two-tones on, the dance floor's their home
E                            B                 E
I'm just a honky cat honkin' down at the honky tonk

E         A                E
I'm goin' down, on Whiskey Row
Where those good lookin' 
E                  B
high heeled honeys go
Those free wheelin gals
Sure 'nuff a friend
E                 B                E             
of a flat natural born good timin' man

My Uncle Joe Dan was a lady's man
E                                 B
He taught me the what to do's and when's
B                         A
And when I'm through with you
A                 E                  
You won't want to move
E                      B
You'll lay on back and smile
B                        E
at what you've just gone through

Repeat Chorus
      E            B                E     (strum all chords once)
I'm a flat natural born good timin' man

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