Larry Stewart, I'll Cry Tomorrow Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Larry Stewart, I'll Cry Tomorrow Tabs, Chords

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Larry Stewart - I'll Cry Tomorrow (Chords)

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Larry Stewart
1993, RCA Records
10:21 PM 4/25/2005

Intro: (E)  (A)  (B)  (E)  (A)  (B)

There's a (E) movie on T(A)V tonight
A(B)bout a lonely (E) guy
But, I don't need no(A)body to rem(B)ind me
I don't (E) want to think a(A)bout the ring
And (B) all the reasons (E) why
I just wanna (A) leave it all beh(B)ind (E) me
I'm (B) going (C#m) out on the town (C#m) (B) 
(A) Ain't gonna drown in my (Bsus) sorr(B)ow

  (E) I'll cr(A)y to(B)morrow
  Just as (A) soon as my heart can find the (E) time (B)
  (E) I'll cr(A)y to(B)morrow
  Cause I'm (A) too busy (B) living to(E)night (A) (B)

The (E) memory of your (A) face
As you were (B) walking out the (E) door
Is fading with each (A) song the band is pl(B)aying
And I'm (E) finding I don't (A) need 
To think a(B)bout you any(E)more
The world still goes a(A)round is what I'm (B) say(E)ing
I'm (B) not (C#m) over you yet 
I'm (B) just (A) good at forgettin' my (Bsus) sorr(B)ow

Repeat Chorus

(C#m) I'm not gonna waste my precious (A) time
I'm gonna find a star to (Bsus) foll(B)ow

Repeat Chorus 

  Oh, I'm (A) too busy (B) living to(E)night (A) (B) 

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