, Time Is Running Out Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

, Time Is Running Out Tabs, Chords

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- Time Is Running Out (Chords)

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Time is running out- By Terence R Green, and Charles Holly Green(1963)
This is a poem his Grandfather wrote in 1963, Terence converted it into a song after receiving it in 2006
his grandfather died in 1964

I've known the sweet joy of child hood
when I used to run and shout
I've know the vigor of youth
but now my time is running out

I've headed the call of the wild wood
I  have angled for bass and for trout
I've stalked the deer in the Forrest
now my time is running out

I sailed on the mighty ocean
I've seen a blue whale in spout
I've been to far away places
but now my time is running out

I've had the first kiss of a maiden
true love I trampled no doubt
I've felt every fiendish sensation
now my time is running out

friends I known by the hundreds
with few notable here and about
yet my friends remain few and chosen
now my time is running out

I have the love of a wonderful wife
her love i cannot deny nor doubt
I have two fine son's from this union
yet now my time is running out

for me there is just one more tomorrow
the sun sinks low to the west
it seems it has taken me a life time to really learn how to live

Terence R Green Tabs & Chords

Terence R Green Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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