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Gourds, The, Boil My Strings Tabs, Chords

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Gourds, The - Boil My Strings (Chords)

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A             D A         
Living down here     
     D                 A
they throw me down and count me
                 D A  
Iím making this up
   D                 A
it keeps my feathers clean
        E               D               A
And the black boys they kick my ass and tell me
         E  E7                     A     
That the women their ruby lips are dry

      E           A
I get angry I get sad
      E                                  A
And I lose that sweetness that I used to have
And I boil my strings
                      A  E
To bring them back to gold
                   A  E
Bring them back to gold
E7                   A
Bring them back to gold

(second verse)
Sleeping in here, they give me plenty to eat
Donít make trouble, make something with concrete
So I fill my pipes with it to break them black boys heads
Lord I wish I had a gun, I wish I had a gun


The Gourds Tabs & ChordsThe Gourds Lyrics

The Gourds Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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