Gourds, The, Hell Hounds Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Gourds, The, Hell Hounds Tabs, Chords

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Gourds, The - Hell Hounds (Chords)

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As I walk the length of your broken fence
I cannot help but look inside
ĎTil someone hollers hey donít you pry
And Iím standing at the gate
    D                                                 A
Now go and get you derelict or Iíll sick my hounds on you
So I took off without mouthing off
Down the road to the State Fair

Now I see chickens I see goats, I see the prize blue ribbon bird
But she ainít mine, mine placed third
Down at the State Fair
Now the State Fair has that carnie feel and its smelling like my livestock barn
And the bearded ladyís nice to me
We have cocktails in her trailer
Take it

Now her boyfriend heís the beanbag man
Heís jealous as all hell you see
He caught me in her ole Airstreamer
Yes but, I ainít no home wrecker
On the way back home I pass again
The broken fence and Iím standing at the gate
I said buddy why donít you mend it
And he let his hell hounds loose

The Gourds Tabs & ChordsThe Gourds Lyrics

The Gourds Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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