Gourds, The, Rugged Roses Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Gourds, The, Rugged Roses Tabs, Chords

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Gourds, The - Rugged Roses (Chords)

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E                A
tell me with yer eyes 
   D                E
in silence let them ring
the precious humming of our hearts
   D                E 
in silence let them sing
may our phantoms find there places
    D             E 
wherever that may be
             A        D              E      A 
let only the sound of love dear echo endlessly
  F#m       Bm
for you for me
        D               A          D               E 
I won't wait a week and pine for a love that isn't there
        D               A                D               E
we will watch the river flow past pretty flowers growing there
        D           A                 D             E 
and the gravity and spin will pass by freely in the wind
           A            D      A              D 
to find us quiet in the sunset two old rugged roses
A       D             E    A 
planted firmly by the riverbed 

let the tender petals fall 
like yer long cascading hair 
let the volume of yer moans 
deny no passion in the air 
and from the center of my bones 
I'll kiss often and with care 
but not every kiss is always placed so keenly 

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The Gourds Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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