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Gourds, The, Stadium Blitzer Chords

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Gourds, The - Stadium Blitzer (Chords)

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C#m   F#  D  B7
A   F#  D  E  
A  Amaj7

C#m                F# 
Whistle through my wallet
       D             B7 
rent's due - I ain't got it
A             C#m   F# 
I like my hot water heater
       D                    E       A  Amaj7
It's a leaker in my Stadium Blitzer
Livings gotten easy 
Everything I ever wanted 
From Glasgow and the liquor store 
I'm completely satiated 

A   A7    D           E    
       No longer a romantic
I ain't slack-jawed
         C#m  F# 
I am responsible
        D               B7 
for the stupid things I say
like the doctor and the poodle 
are procrastinators 
there's a lover dancing and laughing 
all the way to his grave ha ha ha ha

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