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Ranch, Just Some Love Chords

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Ranch - Just Some Love (Chords)

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                Subject: Just Some Love/The Ranch/Chords & Tabs

Just Some Love
The Ranch
Written by Cyril Rawson & Scott Phelps
Date: 24/03/00

Intro (use courrier font) :
                G   C D     G  C G   D         G 
e -----------I-----------------------------------I-------I  
b -----------I--0-------------/5-3-0-------0-----I-------I
g ------0-2--I----2-0---0-2-0--------2-0-2---2-0-I-----0-I  
d --0-2------I--------4--------------------------I--0-2--I  
a -----------I-----------------------------------I-------I  
e -----------I-----------------------------------I-------I 

G           C          D                G
I heard the rumor that we're callin' it off
G              C        D 
  And we won't last too long
G             C              D            G       C  
But I get the feelin' when I'm lookin' at you, baby
C             D       G   
They couldn't be more wrong

They've been sayin' it's a shaky romance

And they don't give the two of us too much of a 

Chorus :

G          C     G         D         G
But if the Grand Canyon is just some ditch
C           G           D         D
Dorothy and Toto fought just some witch
       C    G                  D          G
And if Babe Ruth was just some guy with a glove
     C    G            D         G
Then oooh baby this is just some love
C    G            D         G
Oooh baby this is just some love

I speak my mind baby that's the truth

But you're a temper too

So when they see us start to fuss and fight

I guess they think we're through

But if they're judgin' us by what they see

Then they don't have a clue about you and me

Chorus 2 :

'Cause if the Rocky Mountain are just some hills

Niagara Falls is just some water spill

And if Humphrey Bogart was just some tough
C    G            D         G
Then oooh baby this is just some love
C    G            D         G
Oooh baby this is just some love

Solo Fiddle
Repeat Chorus 1

Oooh baby this is just some love

Oooh baby this is just some love

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