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Thieving Birds, Chasin' My Tail Chords

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Thieving Birds - Chasin' My Tail (Chords)

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                Thieving Birds
Chasin' My Tail

Intro G F C
Verse 1
      G           F      C 
Those tears shes cried forever 
      G      F        C     
Have dried upon her cheeks
      G       F     C
These roads I run away from 
      G     F   C
Have given my reprise 

Verse 2
That girl I love forever
She broke my heart in 2
The man that came before me 
Did things I could not do

And I’m chasin’ the wind
             G   F   C
Chasin’ my tail

Veres 3
My friends they worry about me 
There aint s**t they can do
Sep pour another round of whiskeys
To take my mind off you
Repeat Chorus

Verse 4
My heart has found some mysteries
My soul just can’t undo
Like why when the heavens are falling all around me
All I can think of is you

Repeat Chorus 

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Thieving Birds
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