Marsha Thornton, Bottle Of Wine And Patsy Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Marsha Thornton, Bottle Of Wine And Patsy Tabs, Chords

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Marsha Thornton - Bottle Of Wine And Patsy (Chords)

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A Bottle Of Wine And Patsy Cline
Recorded by:  Marsha Thornton
Contributed by:  Thomas Rivers (

(Intro:  play this chord progression):
   (1   3m)      (4   57)      (1   3m)       (4   57)

A (1) bottle of (3m) wine and (4) Patsy (1) Cline (4) and
every(3m)thing's all (6m)right
(2m) Time after time these (57) old friends of mine
Help me make it through the (1) night
And when I'm Fallin' To (3m) Pieces, (4) goin' (1) Crazy,
With a (4) heart that (3m) just won't (6m) mend
A (2m) bottle of wine and (57) Patsy Cline, and I get by a- (1)gain.

(Instrumental break:  Play 8-bar tag of "I Fall To Pieces" with this

	1	4	57    (57 / / 5b7)
	4	57	1	1	

(Tacet) Toss and turn all night (4) long, (57) 'til my eyes fill with (1)
I still feel (4) you so close, (2m) just like you were (57) here
Nighttime (5b7)gets (4) to me, when that old movie (2m) ends
And I reach for some (4) comfort, and a couple of old (57) friends

(Repeat verse) 

Not sure of the numbers?  If you play this in the key of G as I do, 1  =
G;  3m = Em;  4 = C;  57 = D7;  5b7 = Db7;  2m = Am.  If you have any
questions, email me at
Tom Rivers

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Thornton Marsha Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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  1. Thornton Marsha - Bottle Of Wine And Patsy Chords
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