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Mel Tillis, New Patches Chords

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Mel Tillis - New Patches (Chords)

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Recorded by Mel Tillis
Words and music by Tommy Collins

CAPO: 2nd Fret/KEY: E/PLAY: D
[D] Now and then an [G] old friend tries to [D] help me
By telling me there's someone I should [A7] meet
But [D] I don't have the [G] heart to start all [D] over
'Cause my heart is laying [A7] at another's [D] feet.

[D] You just don't put new [G] patches on old [D] garments
I don't want no one else on my [A7] mind [E] [A7]
I [D] just don't need no-[G] body new to [D] cling to
I still love someone I've [A7] known a long, long [D] time.

I have built my world around a mem'ry 
And she's the only one that I let in 
Ev'ry-time I've tried to love somebody
In my mind I'm loving her again.


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