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Travis Lee Triggs, Iam Sending My Love Chords

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Travis Lee Triggs - Iam Sending My Love (Chords)

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INTRO: Finger Pick C Em Fmaj7 G

C                Em       Fmaj7  G
I heard you were lonesome when I went through Folsom

C             Em               Fmaj7      G

I heard you were still lonely when I went through the Mojave

C             Em     Fmaj7      G

I'am to long gone to turn back around

C            Em       Fmaj7                 G 

but honey I promise I'll call you from the next town to 


C            Em           Fmaj7        G     C

I'am sending my love via telephone and song I'am sending my 

Em           Fmaj7           G     C----Em Fmaj7 G

love so will keep on holding on to me

C              Em                Fmaj7    G     C

The green sign says just another 210 more miles till I get 

   Em             Fmaj7/G  C                         Em 

to hear your sweet voice so I will keep on slamming gears   

            Fmaj7             G     C         Em

and keep on holding back them tears till I'am in your arms 

    Fmaj7/G           C

for good     but till then


C              Em                  Fmaj7       G

I just dropped off my last load and honey I'am headed home 

C             Em        Fmaj7/G            C

for the first time in a month    the first thing I'am gonna 

Em             Fmaj7  G   C               Em

do is hold you in my arms second thing is sell that old 



C                Em          Fmaj7               G

This will be the last time I send my love from a pay phone 

C             Em                  Fmaj7       G    C--

Cause honey I promise that I will never leave you alone

--Em Fmaj7 G C

Copyright © 2002, Travis Triggs, All Rights Reserved Worldwide 

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