Merle Travis, I Am A Pilgrim Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Merle Travis, I Am A Pilgrim Tabs, Chords

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Merle Travis - I Am A Pilgrim (Chords)

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     I have found more lyrics to the old song:Κ  I A Pilgrim, attributed 
to Merle Travis, but quite likely an old Afro-American  spiritual.ΚΚ And I 
have made up two new sets of lyrics, found in  between the other two. Cran 
Hodges - cen81464@centurytel.netΚΚΚ  I hope someone likes them.ΚΚ (Key of 
E) Κ I am a pilgrim, and a stranger - travelling through this  wearisome 
land. But I've got a home - in that yonder city,Κ Yes  Lord! In that house 
- not made with hands. ΚΚΚΚΚΚΚΚΚΚΚΚΚΚΚΚΚΚΚΚΚΚΚ  
--------------------------------------------------ΚΚΚΚ   I'll see my 
father, mother, sister and brother - when I leave  this world of woe. And 
there I'll greet my Lord and Savior - in that land to  which I go. Κ Dear 
friends I'll greet - when I cross over, and I reach that  distant shore. 
With songs of joy - we'll sing his praises, and there we'll  dwell forever 
----------------------------------------------------- I'm going down - to 
the river of Jordan, just to ease my  troubled soul. If I could touch - 
but the hem of his garment, I do believe I  could be made whole Κ (repeat 
1st verse) Κ Κ Κ Κ

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