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Trick Pony, Fast Horse Chords

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Trick Pony - Fast Horse (Chords)

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                Artist: Trick Pony

Capo 1st Fret

Intro: G D Emi C G D Emi G C   

Verse 1:

Just a dot on a road map
Nowhere is where we're at
My daddy worked nearly all his life
Just to get here, imagine that
I love you baby and I always will
But please make no mistake
Watchin' paint dry on a Friday night
          C                    D 
Is just a little bit more than I can take

I need a fast horse
I'll take a slow train
Emi            C      
Gimme a window seat on an airplane
G                   D
I need a ticket somewhere
                   Emi D C
And it needs to be far away
They say a wild heart
Will get you so far
Emi                   C                        Emi D C            
And I'm thinkin' that you need a head start
                               Emi D C
So if you're comin' with me
                  Emi D C                       G D Emi C G D Emi D C
Baby you're gonna neeeeeeed a fast horse

Verse 2:
Tick-tock of the town clock
Never slows down and it don't stop
You only get one time around
And there's no time for a second thought
If you're gonna keep up with somebody like me
Who's way past thinkin' that it's time to leave
You wait around I'll be gone
       C                 D
On the first thing I get my hands on

Repeat Chorus

Outro:  G D Emi C G D Emi D C  (Also used during the solo, and in fills between verses) 

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