Laura Veirs, Rapture Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Laura Veirs, Rapture Tabs, Chords

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Laura Veirs - Rapture (Chords)

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Laura Veirs
          [Bm]                          [G]                                                             
E |-----2--2---2--------------------------------|B |-----3--3---3----------3---3---3-------------|G |---4---4--4---4--------4---4---4-------------|D |---------------------5---5---5---5-----------|A |-2--------------2----------------------------|E |-------------------3---------------3---------|Bm Bm*E |-----2--2---2--------------------------------|B |-----3--3---3-----------3--3---3-------------|G |---4---4--4---4---------4--4---4-------------|D |----------------------4---4--4---4-----------|A |-2--------------2---2---------------2--------|E |---------------------------------------------|
Verse (Bm G Bm Bm*)
[Bm]With photogra[G]phs
[G]And magnetic t[Bm]ape
Bm*We capture
Pretty animals in cagesPretty flowers in vasesEnraptured
E |-10-9-7-----------------------------|B |--------10-8-7------------7-8-10----|G |---------------9-7-6-7-9------------|D |------------------------------------|A |------------------------------------|E |------------------------------------|And doesn't the treeE |-3-2-0---------------------------------------------|B |-------3-2-0---------------------------------------|G |-------------2-0-----------------------------------|D |-----------------4-2-------------------------------|A |---------------------------------------------------|E |---------------------------------------------------|Write great poetry?E |-9-7-------------------9-7--------------------------|B |-----10-8-7-6--------------10-8-7-6-----------------|G |--------------9-7--------------------9-7------------|D |----------------------------------------------------|A |----------------------------------------------------|E |----------------------------------------------------|Doing itself
E |--------5-3-2-------------------------------|B |--------------5-3-2-0-----------------------|G |----------------------2-0-------------------|D |--------------------------------------------|A |--------------------------------------------|E |--------------------------------------------|so well
Do you blame monet? His gardens in givernyHe captured And lovely bashoHis plunking ponds and toadsEnraptured
The fate of kurt cobain Junk coursing through his veinsAnd young virginia woolf Death came and hung her coat
Love of color, sound and words Is it a blessing or a curse?Enraptured
Sing me your lover's song
[Gm]Come with me we'll head up n[Cm]orth
[Cm]Where the rivers run icy and strong

[Gm]The empty theater is lying c[Cm]old
[Gm]In the shadows of the p[Cm]ast
[Gm]A church group enters to touch the mo[Cm]lding
[Cm]With a burst of song and a simple repast
[Cm]Guitars can't help but s[Gm]ing
[Cm]Can't help but r[Gm]ing

[Gm]A tiny little flute is whistling in the lips
Of a str[Cm]anger on the c[Gm]orner
[Gm]A tiny little girl ties flowers to her wrists
And the bees [Cm]come round to adorn h[Gm]er

[Gm]All the time spent [Cm]dreaming is never [Gm]lost
[Gm]Dreams come back through the b[Cm]ells of trumpeting h[Gm]orns
[Gm]Souls lost into the ether of death
[Gm]Come back wise in the eyes and th[Cm]e arms of new[Gm]borns
[Cm]Hearts can't help but si[Gm]ng
[Cm]Can't help but r[Gm]ing

Veirs Laura Tabs & ChordsVeirs Laura Lyrics

Veirs Laura Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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