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Laura Veirs, Up The River Chords

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Laura Veirs - Up The River (Chords)

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                Up The River
Laura Veirs
    [Gm]                                   [Bb]              [A]    [Gm]                       
E |-6-3---3---------------------------------------------------|B |-----6----------------------------------6-----------8------|G |---------6--7-6-7---------------------7-----7-----6--------|D |-5---5---5------5-----5---5---5---8-8-----8---7-7----------|A |-----------------------------------------------------------|E |--------------------3---3---3------------------------------|
[Bb]Billy was a young[A4] man gone astra[Gm7]y
[Bb]Bottle at his lip[A4]s all night and[Gm7] day

[Bb]Mama said they're gonna send you up the[A4] river some[Gm7]day
Mama said they're gonna send you up the river someday
VerseWhiskey ate big holes in Billy's headSummer's day he shot spud murphy dead
He said I'm headed up the river as he watched the blood pour redI'm headed up the river as he watched the blood pour red
Mama asked lord jesus what to do at the door came knocking boys in blueWe're gonna send him up the river and make him pay his dues ma'am
And so she watched him round that riverbend go billy felt a chill pass 'cross himCold they sent him up the river to turn a young man old

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