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Porter Wagoner, Charley's Picture Chords

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Porter Wagoner - Charley's Picture (Chords)

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                Intro: C#

C#                 F#            C# 
A wino we called Charley had a picture
That he wore around his neck upon a chain
          C#              F#                 C# 
But you couldn't see the face in Charley's picture
                            G#          C#
Just long brown hair and a poem in the frame

C#                    F#                  C# 
We tried and tried to see old Charley's picture
But we couldn't even tempt him with the wine
      C#                  F#               C#
His shaking hands would tightly grip the picture
                     G#            C#
And he'd recite the poem one more time
C#                         F#         C#
You grace this frame the picture of affection
While I'm the perfect picture of disgrace
     C#                  F#              C#     
And upon your name I'll swear until I'm worthy
                     G#             C   A
I forbid my eyes to look upon your face

(Change Key to D, 1/2 Step UP)
 D                     G                D
Old Charley froze to death one Sunday morning
We found him and I guess you know the rest
      D                G              D
Some-one removed the poem from his picture
                             A               D
And the chilling truth lay framed upon his chest

(Spoken – Same Chord Progression as above)

As I knelt beside his body the picture
Lay there before my anxious eyes
And with trembling lips I whispered the words of Charley's poem
As I stared into the face of Jesus Christ

D                          G          D
You grace this frame the picture of affection
While I'm the perfect picture of disgrace
                          G               D     
And upon your name I'll swear until I'm worthy
                     A              D
I forbid my eyes to look upon your face

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