Charlie Walker, Don't Squeeze My Sharmon Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Charlie Walker, Don't Squeeze My Sharmon Tabs, Chords

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Charlie Walker - Don't Squeeze My Sharmon (Chords)

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Did you hear what happened ...         (1957)
Last Saturday night ...
While dancin' and drinkin' ...
We all got half tight ...

This sweet thing named Sharmon ...
Was dancin' with me ...
When up jumped her boy-friend ...
       (B7)          (E)
And he hollered at me. 

Please don't squeeze my Sharmon ...
Don't hold her so tight ...
You'd best heed my warnin' ...
It's the last one to-night ...

She's soft and she's gentle ...
And sweet as can be ...
And if Sharmon needs squeezin' ...
     (B7)            (E)
Then leave that to me. 

    (CHANGE TO F: same chord progression)

Along about midnight - I was feelin' no pain
And me and Miss Sharmon - were dancin' ag'in
Then Hank and big Harlan - got into a fight
And I heard someone holler - as out went the lights.


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Walker Charlie Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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