Doc Walker, Hasnt Always Been This Way Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Doc Walker, Hasnt Always Been This Way Tabs, Chords

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Doc Walker - Hasnt Always Been This Way (Chords)

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Submitted and transcribed by Darcy Patrie.  This is such a fun song I
figured it should be put up!! Have fun!!

She Hasnāt always been this way by Doc Walker

Into G D Em C (twice)

G				D
Sheās the prettiest girl Iāve ever seen
		Em		C
The walking definition of a beauty queen
	G			D
Every man in town wants to take her away
	Em		C
But she hasnāt always been this way

You should have seen that girl ten years ago
With a cool-aid moustache and freckle nose
Now sheās breaking hearts and taking names
But she hasnāt always been this way

She didnāt mean anything to me
I brushed her off so easily


G	      Em	       C		D
She hasnāt always been this way
		G	      Em		C	D
I really canāt believe how much that girl has changed
Em			G
Sheās out of my life, sheās out of my reach
C			Em
Iām out of her mind, sheās out of my league
       C		D		G
But she hasnāt always been this way

Well her brother Bobby was my best friend
So she followed us around wherever we went
Now she wonāt give me the time of day
But she hasnāt always been this way

When I was sixteen she gave me a card
Said I love you with all my heart

Chorus ( twice)

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