Josh Ward, Sent Me You Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Josh Ward, Sent Me You Tabs, Chords

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Josh Ward - Sent Me You (Chords)

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Capo 1st fret

Intro, D///  Bm///  A///  G/  A/ A/

     D                    Bm
I got tattoos, And I got scars
            A                                               G       A
Iíve got patches that are mended broken hearts 
        D                              Bm
I got stories, Of failure and glory 
           A                                         G       A
I been down to the bottom so many times

          Bm                              A
And I called out to Jesus as a stranger
                      G       A                           D           A
I asked for forgiveness, And He sent me an angel

                  D                                   Bm
Iíve drank whiskey, And I've smoked weed
         A                                       G                      A
Been hopelessly addicted, To the pain surrounding me
                  D                             Bm
And I been lonesome, And I been sold
                  A                                          G                   A
I've done a hundred miles an hour, To the bottom of my soul 


*Instrumental*  Bm///  A///  G///  A/// A

         D                      Bm
I got hope, And I got dreams
           A                                         G                 A
I got a woman that I love, And she's lying next to me
                  D                      Bm 
Now I have faith, And I have love
           A                                          G                    A
That stranger I call Him father, And I pray to Him for us 

          Bm               A                G
And I called out to Jesus for the truth
                     Bm      A  (N/C)                
I asked for forgiveness, And He sent me you
D  Bm  A  G  D  Bm  A  G Ö.  D

[Thanks to Michael H for tabs]

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Ward Josh Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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