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Dale Watson, Hollywood Hillbilly Chords

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Dale Watson - Hollywood Hillbilly (Chords)

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                Hollywood Hillbilly
By Dale Watson

C                                  G              C
             C                           G       C
He's got his name up in lights, he's the talk of Hollywood
             F                                             C  
You take the boy out of the country and he's a country boy still
   C                                      G         C
He looks down at the city lights from his Hollywood hills

       F                        C      
He's a Hollywood hillbilly, his stereo is blaring willie
       G                                C 
Johnny Cash and Hank and Lefty, down at Sunset and Vine
   F                                   C
No he ain't one to try to hide, he's a southern man with southern pride
     G                                             C
That ridge runner just kickin back, sippin' on the moonshine

Change Key to F

F                                                               C            F 
You know what, he's gettin culture out there as you know he's a privy to the stars
      F                                    C             F
Tinseltown's got tinsel ladies with tinsel sights on his heart
   B                                F
He belongs ?????,  the apple of his eye
         F                              C             F 
Crippled dog and friends and family are always by his side


That ridgerunner just kickin back, kickin back, kickin back, (oh hand me that jar)
C                                            F
kickin back, kickin back, sippin' on the moonshin 

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