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Kevin Welch, Hill Country Girl Chords

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Kevin Welch - Hill Country Girl (Chords)

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Kevin Welch      Hill Country Girl  written by Kevin Welch


E                  A
My woman's a fire eater 
E                        A
My woman about six feet tall
E               A         E
She comes from  down in Texas
E                             A    E A
She's gots my number y'll
E                     A
Yes she a flash of lightning
E          A        E                     A        E
She's got xray eyee man she can see right thru you
E                 A        E       E  A  E
Don't tell her if your disguised
      A    D         E       E  A   E
She a Hill Country  Girl
      A    D       E
She a Hill Country Girl
E                              A
Some people just  think she's crazy
E                A       E
I can see their point of view
                  A      E
Me I can't say I blame her
               A         E
I get a little crazy too
                 A        E                     A
Now me Im  from flatland up where everything's okay
E                     A            E             A       E
She gives me  so much hell about it hill country all the way
      A    D         E    E  A   E
She a Hill Country  Girl
      A    D       E
She a Hill Country Girl
I've been around this town
I've been around this world
G                        A                                E
Still I have never found nothing like a Hill Country Girl


      A    D         E
She a Hill Country  Girl
      A    D       E
She a Hill Country Girl
      A    D         E
She a Hill Country  Girl
      A    D       E
She a Hill Country Girl

>From Kevin Welch "Beneath My Wheels"
Dead Reckoning Records 1999
Moraine Music


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