, As far as she's concerned Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

, As far as she's concerned Tabs, Chords

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- As far as she's concerned (Chords)

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Capo 2

[][G]                                  [Cadd9]
Well it's 5 in the morning and the sun is comin up
[G]                                [Cadd9]
pour another cup of coffee in my john deere coffee cup. 
[G]                             [Cadd9]
Since 2 weeks ago everything's been downhill 
is she comin back 
     [Cadd9]             G
yeah I don't care if she will 

[G]                      [Cadd9]

when she hit the door 
she had her head held up 
she was sayin something how she'd had enough
 now I don't know what to do 
as far as she's concerned, were through 

          [D]                   [Cadd9]
as far as she's concerned I'm yesterday's news.
  [D]                     [Cadd9]
I made the history books I got the blues
         [D]                [Cadd9]
it was one more page that she had to turn 
    [D]                          [Cadd9]  [G]
to tell you the truth, you know I got burned 
       [D]          [Cadd9]  [G]
it's just one more lesson learned 
    [D]       [Cadd9]  [G]
as far as she's concerned 

now it's 8 pm once again 
I'm looking in the mirror at what a mess I'm in 
same old thing now this is getting old 
if we were playin cards you know I'd have to fold

things ain't lookin up out here on the bottom 
rain and thunderstorms they're all I see.
I just did the right thing when I thought I outta 
what a mistake that turned out to be 
nothing works out for me


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