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White Mansions, Train Robbery Chords

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White Mansions - Train Robbery (Chords)

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                Intro: C

C 	  	                    F     C
The full moon touch the steel cold line
 	             G                C
The railbed was frozen with ice.
                                                F                C
In the distance an engine was keepin with time
                G                              C
His steam whistle moaned just twice.
F 	  	            C
Down in the cut past the old trussel bridge
Twelve fine horses stood.
             C 	  	    F 	          C
Masked men shivered in the cold autumn ridge
 	             G             C
Not far from the Glendale Woods.

C 	  	  	        F          C
The Grassland shined from the swayin train
 	              G 	    C 	          
When the driver saw the red light.
 	  	  	       F       C 	  	  	 
Her iron brakes sparked like a silver rain
 	           G                                 C
And the metals screamed through the night.
F 	  	  	        C
The baggage man reared out to look for the faults
When fear froze up his heart.
             C 	  	        F      C
He was starein the barrel of an army colt.
                          G            C
That threated to tear him apart.

We will burn your train to cinders
     F 	  	      C
So throw the money down.
Open up your damned express car
       Bb           G       C
And jump off to the ground
But we won’t touch that ol woman
          F 	  	            C
She’s southern and they claim
They ain’t offerin no reward 
      Bb            G        C
For Frank and Jessie James.

C 	  	               F                C
And a long soldier’s coast brave with years 
 	        G           C
Quickly they climbed aboard.
 	  	       F                   C
Men was sweatin and women shed tears
 	            G                  C
And a preacher prayed to the Lord.
 	     F 	  	  	    C
When they opened the safe there was nothin for them.
So they strolled down through the train
            C 	  	     F              C      
What a miserable sight these desperate men 
 	            G 	  	   C
Robbin old folk gold watch chains.

C 	  	                   F             C      
Now some say the Devil had taken his soul
 	        G       C
Some say his spirit survived
 	  	  	            F 	    	       C
But we all no he was nothin but a Missouri farm boy
 	         G     C
Just fightin to stay alive.
      F 	                  C
But high above that railroad bed
On a ridge where the pines grow tall
          C   	  	           F               C
If you listen to the wind there’s a ghost of a chance
 	  	  G          C
You can still hear ol Jesse call.  (Listen now.)



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