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Mark Wills, And The Crowd Goes Wild Chords

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Mark Wills - And The Crowd Goes Wild (Chords)

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                Intro:  E  D  A (x4) 
           E          D 
He was an underdog, a no threat 
A Nascar junkie, a rookie, a wannabe 
E         D                 
Still wet behind the ears  
A red line rever just jammin' his gears 
           E              D 
There are those that are, and those that ain't 
The quickest get stickers, he was nothin' but paint 
E    D             A  
     Chartruese paint 
                 E            D 
Big race now we cut to, the last ten laps 
And here comes junior, sneakin up  
          E                       D 
From the back of the pack, with a fire in his eyes  
Waving out the window as he passes em by 
E                           D            
The tension mounts now he's number two 
All outta rubber and runnin on fumes 
     E              D 
It's door to door, out of turn four 
He sees those checkers and he hears that roar 

                E              D  A 
And the crowd goes wild 
         E              D  A 
And the crowd goes wild 
E       D              A 
You're shining like a superstar baby  
         E              D  A 
And the crowd goes wild      
               E               D 
He played the honky-tonks, the roadside bars 
A real hum-dinger, a blue eyed singer 
        E          D 
With a red guitar around his neck 
Paying them dues bout starving to death 
        E                    D 
But he told his mamma every time he came back 
One of these days I'm gonna buy you a big long  
E        D          A 
Cadillac,  get you outta this shack 
        E              D 
Then he hit the road, frontin' a band 
Six long hairs bobbing up and down  
      E         D 
In a Chevy van, all beat up 
Did a lot of giving but he never gave up 
      E         D 
Then one night, he wrote a song 
Made a little record it started catching on 
          E              D 
Now it's coliseums, he's all the rage 
The lights go down when he hits the stage

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